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This Site: What Happened?

Why has this site been stagnant for more than a year?

Published: Mar 27 2010
Written by: Robert S. Lancaster

Me (Robert S. Lancaster)

Me (Robert S. Lancaster)

As of this writing (Aug 24 2009), it has been more than a year since I last added an article to this site.

Since then, I have received emails asking why the delay, and what has happened.

This article answers those questions.


On August 4 2008, I suffered a massive stroke on the right side of my brain, which resulted in partial paralysis to the left side of my body.

I spent the following eleven months in various hospitals, nursing homes and physical rehabilitation centers, finally being discharged back home on June 30 2009.

I am now a wheelchair user, and rely on my wonderful wife Susan for help transferring from the chair to bed (and back), as well as for tons of other things. She has truly been what has kept me going this past year, and, due to her quick thinking and acting when I had the stroke, is quite likely responsible for saving my life, or, at the very least, for saving me from additional brain damage.

When I was in the ambulance being taken from our home to the hospital, one of my first thoughts was "I wonder how long it will take Sylvia Browne to claim that she predicted this?" Browne already has a record of this sort of behavior, having claimed that she had predicted James Randi's heart bypass surgery. It was a false claim, and is the subject of a planned future article on this site.

To my knowledge, Browne has made no such claim regarding my stroke. But even if she had predicted it, unless she had included details such as the date and time, it would not have been impressive. At the time of the stroke, I was a middle-aged (50 years old), morbidly obese (close to 400 pounds) man with a record of extremely high blood pressure (something I had discussed publically on a number of Internet forums), so it didn't even take a doctor, let alone a psychic, to see that I was heading for a stroke or a heart attack.

Stop Stopped?

While I was convalescing (in fact, while I was slipping in and out of a coma), my registration of the stopsylviabrowne.com domain name expired, and was subsequently purchased by someone who has used it to host his own, pro-psychic web site. Luckily, I already had the rights to the domain name "www.stopsylvia.com", and some of my web-savvy friends moved my old site, with all of its articles, over to the StopSylvia.com address. If you have links to the old address, please change them to use the new one.

Also, during the past year, pages on some skeptical web sites were created which people could use to donate money to a fund which had been set up to help Susan and me with my mounting medical bills and other expenses resulting from the stroke. This fund ended up totalling some $21,000, most of which went towards the purchase of a wheelchair-capable minivan, which has been wonderfully useful to us, allowing us to go places we couldn't otherwise.

If you were one of the many generous folks who contributed to this fund, Susan and I are more grateful than we can say. Thank you so very much for your support and generosity.


Being out of commission for the past year, I have not been answering emails. If this has caused you any concern or inconvenience, please accept my apologies. Until I have my old email back up and working again, I can be reached at my personal email address, which is RSLancastr@aol.com.

How Am I Now?

Although I am far better now than I was right after the stroke, I still have a way to go before I am where I was before the stroke. I am now a wheelchair user, with only partial use of my left arm and leg. With ongoing therapy, I get a little better every day.

Warm Regards,

Robert S. Lancaster
webmaster and founder,

Susan and Robert in hospital

Susan and Robert in hospital

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