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Scorecard: Sylvia Browne's Missing Person & Homicide Readings

A compilation of some researchable "readings" Sylvia Browne has performed.

Some missing persons and murder victims Sylvia Browne has done

Some missing persons and murder victims Sylvia Browne has done "readings" for.


Researching the accuracy of Sylvia Browne's "readings" can be difficult. For example, it is impossible to determine whether most of the "readings" Sylvia Browne gives to members of the studio audience on the Montel Williams show are correct or incorrect.

Many answers she gives to audience questions are either totally unverifiable (such as "Your spirit guide's name is Joe", "You have five guardian angels", "Your mother made it to the other side", "In a past life you were a Confederate soldier", etc.). Others are impossible to verify without following up with audience members years later ("You will marry a woman named Sally", "You will have three children," "You will meet your future spouse in a year", etc.). Since the audience members are generally anonymous, it is impossible to test these readings for accuracy.

However, one type of reading she gives on the show which we are sometimes able to test are her readings regarding missing person cases and homicide cases. The details given by the person being "read" (such as the name of the missing/murdered person) can make it possible to research the case. And, if the case was later solved, we can see whether or not Browne's statements during the reading were found to be true.

The Readings

I (and those helping me do research) have looked into more than fifty of these readings for missing person and homicide cases, and most are apparently still unsolved. Statistically, this makes sense.

Once a person has been missing long enough for their loved ones to appear on the Montel Williams show to talk about it, the sad truth is that chances are, the missing person will never be found.

Similarly, most homicides are solved within days of the commission of the crime. And the longer a homicide goes unsolved, the less likely that it will ever be solved. When people come on the Montel Williams Show to ask Browne about a homicide case, it is usually months (and sometimes years) after the crime. So, the chance of these crimes being solved by that point is low.

So, this is typical of these types of cases. Yet, if Browne is truly psychic, why haven't more of these cases been solved after she was consulted about them?

Below are the readings for which we have been able to locate information:

NOTE: This article will continue to be updated and expanded as information is found on various readings.

Right: Cases Where Browne's Reading Was Substantially Correct

I have yet to find a single, documented case where Browne was substantially correct - or of any use to law enforcement - in any of her readings regarding missing persons or homicide cases.

If you are aware of any such case, please let me know. I will research it, document it, and add it to this web site.

Wrong: Cases Where Browne's Reading Was Substantially Incorrect

Click on an article title to read.

Richard Kneebone ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne's services are sought to help find a missing man.

Montel: Dana Chyleen Satterfield ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne gives a reading regarding the murder of a young mother of two.

Montel: Jamie Barker ReadingRating: WRONG

A woman asks Sylvia Browne about her husband, missing after falling from a bridge.

Montel: Weyman Robbins ReadingRating: WRONG

A woman asks Sylvia Browne for answers about the death of her 12-year-old son.

Montel: John Slayton ReadingRating: WRONG

A missing man's daughter and granddaughter ask Sylvia Browne for help.

Montel: Renquin/Nelson/DesVergnes ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne tells the families of three missing men what happened to their loved ones. Was she right?

Follow-up to "Montel: Shawn Hornbeck Reading"Rating: WRONG

More about Browne's most famously wrong reading to date.

Montel: Eve Brown ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne tells a family that their missing loved one is alive. Was she right?

Montel: Holly Krewson ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne tells the mother of a missing young woman that her daughter is alive. She was wrong.

Montel: Lynda McClelland ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne proved wrong in yet another "missing person" case.

Montel: Shawn Hornbeck ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne tells the parents of a missing boy that their son is dead. She was wrong.

Montel: Ryan Katcher ReadingRating: WRONG

Sylvia Browne gives a reading to a woman whose son is missing.

Opal Jo Jennings Reading on the Montel Williams ShowRating: WRONG

Does Sylvia Browne "bring comfort to people?" Not this time.

Unknown: Cases Neither Right Nor Wrong

These are cases which have yet to be solved, so it is not known whether Browne's reading was correct or incorrect.

I have documented few of these cases so far.

Click on an article title to read.

Montel: Amanda Berry ReadingRating: UNKNOWN

Sylvia Browne tells a mother that her missing daughter is dead.

Montel: Anthony Urciuoli Jr. ReadingRating: UNKNOWN

Parents seeks Browne's help finding their missing son.


So far, Sylvia Browne's reading was largely wrong in every single one of the cases which were subsequently solved (and it should be noted that her readings apparently played no part in the cases being solved).

This does not coincide with Browne's oft-repeated claim that she has an "87% accuracy rating."

Here I will repeat an invitation which I have made many, many times on this web site:

If you are aware of any missing person or murder case regarding which Sylvia Browne performed a reading on the Montel Williams Show, and in which she was later proven to be largely correct, please send me whatever information you can recall regarding the reading. I will gladly research it and write it up for this web site.

In the year this site has been open to the public, I have made that invitation multiple times on this site, as well as in Sylvia Browne-friendly web forums, and in replies to dozens of people who have emailed me and accused me of ignoring "all the cases she got right."

I am not ignoring them. I cannot find any.


I think that Sylvia Browne's record in these cases speaks for itself.

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