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Montel: Eve Brown Reading

Sylvia Browne tells a family that their missing loved one is alive. Was she right?

Eve Brown

Eve Brown


On July 10 1999, twenty-nine-year-old Eve Eskin Brown of Long Island, New York, was reported missing. A counselor at a nursing home, Eve was five months pregnant when she disappeared.

Her family appeared on the September 30 1999 broadcast of the Montel Williams show to ask Sylvia Browne for help in locating Eve.

The Reading

I do not have a transcript or video of the reading, but an article from Newsday gives the gist of it. The following is an excerpt from that article (emphasis mine):

When All Else Fails, Try a Sixth Sense
Zachary R. Dowdy.
Newsday. Long Island, N.Y.: Oct 6, 1999. pg. A.45

The readings by astrologer Mary Rose of Bay Shore and Sylvia Browne, who appeared with Eve Brown's family in a nationally televised segment of "The Montel Williams Show" Thursday, are the latest examples of psychics using extrasensory insight in an effort to help police and desperate families crack Long Island mysteries.


But like police, Eskin has gotten mixed messages from the two psychics she has consulted. Sylvia Browne, who could not be reached for comment, told her that Eve Brown is well and living in Florida, she said. Rose said that the family should continue to pray she is still alive.

"As hard as the police are working on it, they haven't found her," Eskin said.

"Since we have nothing to go on, we feel that maybe a psychic can help. We just want to feel that our daughter is alive."


So, according to Sylvia Browne, Eve was alive and well in Florida.

Was she right?

Remains Found

An article in the November 25 2000 New York Times relates the bad news. Remains found were those of Eve Brown.

Remains unearthed in Brooklyn are those of a missing woman.
Al Baker.
The New York Times (Nov 25, 2000 s0 pB6(L) col 5 (12 col): pB6(L).

Human remains unearthed by workers at a sprawling Brooklyn construction site 10 days ago were positively identified yesterday as those of Eve Brown, a Long Island woman, five months pregnant, who had been missing for more than a year, officials said.

Mrs. Brown, a counselor at a nursing home, was last seen on July 10, 1999, by her husband, Larry, as she drove away from their new home in Plainview. Mr. Brown told the police that his wife said she was going to visit a girlfriend in Freeport, but it was later discovered that Mrs. Brown's friend was vacationing in the Caribbean at the time.


Detective Edward Reuss, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department, said workers found a human skull and human bones on the ground at 63-54 Belt Parkway at 11:25 a.m. on Nov. 15.

The workers were installing a fence between Pennsylvania Avenue and the Fresh Creek Basin near Starrett City, he said. The remains were taken to the office of the New York City medical examiner. Yesterday, they were identified as Mrs. Brown's through dental X-rays, said Ellen S. Borakove, a spokeswoman for the office.

"The cause of death has not yet been determined," Ms. Borakove said.


At the time Mrs. Brown disappeared, Mr. Brown said that they had been married for five years and that it was unlike his wife to "completely isolate herself and take off on her own."


Excerpts from an AP wire story in April 2001 (emphasis mine):

The Associated Press State & Local Wire
April 20, 2001, Friday, BC cycle
SECTION: State and Regional
LENGTH: 132 words
HEADLINE: Death of missing Long Island woman ruled a homicide


Five months after the skeletal remains of a missing pregnant Long Island woman were found in Brooklyn, the medical examiner's office on Friday ruled her death a homicide.

But it is still not known how Eve Brown, 29, was killed, said Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office. Brown's death was ruled a homicide based on how the woman was found Nov. 15, 2000 - she had been buried at a work site just off the Belt Parkway.


Excerpts from a NY Post article (emphasis mine):

The New York Post
November 11, 2002, Monday
SECTION: Late City Final Replate; Pg. 017
LENGTH: 200 words


Detectives are continuing to press for leads in the cold murder case of a pregnant Long Island woman whose dismembered body was found stuffed into a plastic bag in a vacant Brooklyn lot, police said yesterday.


Police thought they had a break when they determined that Brown made a call from her cell phone the night of her disappearance.

Investigators were able to determine the call had been made from within a few blocks of the Valley Stream home of one of her co-workers, Patrick Kingland.

Detectives searched Kingland's house in February, took a DNA sample and brought him to Brooklyn for questioning - but the case remains open.


Map of Long Island

Map of Long Island. A=Plainview, Eve's home.

B=Valley Stream, site of her last phone call. C=Brooklyn, where her remains were found.

Tragically, Eve Brown was dead.

The only way Browne's reading could have been correct would be if Eve had vanished, left New York, had been in Florida two and a half months later when her family was on the Montel Williams show, subsequently returned to New York where she was then murdered.

How likely is that, given what we know?

I have been unable to find anything stating whether the medical examiner had determined when Eve had died. But looking at what information we have in the above-quoted articles, it seems most likely to me that she died the night she disappeared, or shortly thereafter:

1. Her last known phone call was made the night she disappeared.

2. That call was made from Valley Stream, roughly 13 miles from Brooklyn, where her remains were found.

3. Her remains were found buried near the Belt Parkway, a major thoroughfare between Valley Stream and Brooklyn.

4. She did not contact her family, despite them appearing on national television.

5. She was five months pregnant when she vanished. One of the articles quoted above seems to be stating that the remains of a five-month pregnant woman were found, meaning she died soon after vanishing.

6. Her remains were described as "skeletal," which would seem to indicate that the death was not very recent.

While this is all circumstantial, it all lends itself to the theory that Eve died the night she disappeared, or shortly thereafter. It does not lend itself at all to a scenario in which Eve would have been alive and in Florida when her family was seeking Sylvia Browne's help on the Montel Williams show, with Eve returning to New York and be murdered at a later date.


Up to this point, all of the "missing person" readings I have analyzed for this site have been those where Browne was demonstrably wrong.

While this one leans heavily in that direction, it cannot be said with 100% certainty.

As new information comes to light, I will update this article.

My thanks to QG for finding this case on Lexis-Nexis.


From the web site of the Eve Eskin Brown Foundation:

The case remains unsolved and under investigation by the 75th Precinct Detective Squad in Brooklyn, New York (718-827-3557).

A $10,000 reward has been issued for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer of Eve Eskin Brown. If you have any information on this ongoing investigation, please contact Jayeskin@hotmail.com or call 1-800-577-TIPS. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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