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Montel: Dana Chyleen Satterfield Reading

Sylvia Browne gives a reading regarding the murder of a young mother of two.

Dana Chyleen Satterfield

Dana Chyleen Satterfield


On July 31, 1995, Dana Chyleen Satterfield's body was found in her Roebuck, South Carolina beauty salon. She had been beaten, raped and strangled.

In February of 1997, with the murderer still at large, Dana's husband appeared on the Montel William show to ask Sylvia Browne for help in solving the crime.

The Reading

I do not have video or a transcript of the reading, but it is described in the following news account from the Spartanburg, SC Herald-Journal (all emphasis mine):

Psychic predicts leads in murder; Victim's spouse seeks help on TV talk show

Published February 15, 1997

A nationally known psychic taping a television show this week said a bearded construction worker living in Macon, Ga., is responsible for the mysterious 1995 murder of Dana Chyleen Satterfield, a 27-year-old mother of two killed in her Roebuck beauty salon.

Psychic Sylvia Browne, at a taping of the Montel Williams Show on Thursday, said the suspect is a serial killer who murders for fun and takes Polaroid pictures of his victims. He has visited South Carolina often and is involved in carpentry work, she said.

Satterfield's body was found inside her Roebuck salon the night of July 31, 1995. She had been severely beaten and strangled with a cord. A witness reported seeing a man jump through the salon's front window and flee. Another witness reported seeing a blue and white Ford Bronco in the area. Satterfield's husband, Mike, appeared with Browne on the show, which focused on unsolved murders and was taped in New York City. Browne, who has been a practicing psychic for more than 40 years and has worked with several police agencies and families of victims, said she was sure of her revelations.

"It's a motiveless crime. He kills for enjoyment," Browne said. She said she felt sure the Bronco is involved and that it has Georgia license plates. Browne said the suspect is a little older than investigators believe, probably in his 30s, and has a thick scar over his eye and a fuller face than a Sheriff's Office sketch shows. She said he is of Italian descent and has a dark complexion. The murder case has been difficult to solve, Browne said, because the killer has no connection to Satterfield, choosing her on a whim. Browne said she felt the killer watched Satterfield's salon for three hours before striking and had considered attacking a 12-yearold girl he saw nearby and a saleswoman who spoke with Satterfield moments before he attacked.

Maj. Brown said he could not recall a case in which investigators used a psychic in Spartanburg County. He said the Sheriff's Office continues to follow new leads, including a tip received this week. Browne, who works as a psychic in Campbell, Calif., said she gets her insights from God and has learned to remove herself from his messages. She said she has had psychic powers since she was a child and said many members of her family share the same gift.

Montel Williams endorsed Browne's abilities and interviewed a woman whose son had been missing until Browne helped find his murdered body. "This is the only psychic I've had on the show and is the only one I will have on my show," Williams said. The episode is scheduled to air later this month, possibly next week. Sheriff's Office investigators are asking anyone who have information about the case to call deputies at [phone number].

Suspect Arrested

Jonothan Vick

Jonothan Vick

Investigators crack 10-year-old homicide

By Janet S. Spencer

Sheriff Chuck Wright announced the arrest Monday of 27-year-old Jonothan Christian Vick in the July 1995 killing of Roebuck hairdresser Dana Satterfield.


Wright said forensic evidence collected at the crime scene 10 years ago led authorities to charge Vick with murder, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct. DNA evidence collected at the scene and samples taken from Vick under a court order resulted in the arrest.


Investigators looked at Vick early in the investigation, but new technology has now linked him to the crimes, Wright said.

Vick, who lives in Greenville, resided in the area near the beauty salon in 1995.


Suspect's Friend Testifies

High school friend: Vick planned to visit victim

Published Thursday, November 30, 2006
Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC)

It took four tries over 10 years, but Michael Pace said investigators finally paid attention in 2005 to his suspicion that his high-school buddy had killed Roebuck hairdresser Dana Satterfield.

Pace told jurors Wednesday that Jonothan Vick -- charged with murder, rape and kidnapping -- planned to visit Satterfield the night she died. Days after the brutal killing, Vick, then 17, threatened his life, Pace said.

"He told me if I told anybody, he'd kill me," he said.

Pace kept his eyes on Solicitor Trey Gowdy through the majority of his testimony during the third day of trial proceedings in Satterfield's death. He avoided looking at Vick, now 28, who is accused of raping, beating and strangling the beauty salon owner on July 31, 1995.

That afternoon, Vick and Pace sat at the snack bar at a bowling alley where Pace worked and talked about the girls passing by. Then, Pace said, Vick "started talking about a lady named Dana and that he was going to ask her out that night."

He said Vick had mentioned the hairdresser in previous months and described graphic sexual acts he wanted to engage in with Satterfield, whom he knew was separated from her husband.

Pace said he laughed at the idea of his friend dating the older woman, and Vick grew defensive. He later gave Pace a ride home about 7 p.m. and said he planned to go to the salon to have his hair cut.

By 9 p.m., Satterfield was dead.


Suspect Convicted

Vick gets life in prison

Published December 1, 2006
Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC)

It was a speedy response to a question that lingered over Spartanburg County for 11 years -- who killed Dana Satterfield?

Jurors answered in 25 minutes: Jonothan Vick.

Now 28, Vick was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for a crime the jury said he committed when he was in high school. He left the courtroom in tears, but not before denying he raped, beat and strangled the 27-year-old mother of two in the bathroom of her beauty salon.

"She did not get justice today," Vick told Circuit Judge Derham Cole. "She will not, as long as I sit behind bars."

Eligible for parole in 20 years


"Only by his good fortune was he 17 at the time he committed it, or else we would be at the start of the penalty phase," the prosecutor said.


Officers arrested Vick in October of last year after matching his DNA with semen found on Dana Satterfield's body by a probability of 900 million to one. During four days of court proceedings, the state called 32 witnesses, including Michael Pace, a friend of Vick's in high school.


Prosecutors credited Pace with getting the investigation under way when he told officers Vick planned to visit Satterfield and have sex with her the night of her murder.


Vick is also a suspect in the 2002 disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Sellars, his former fiancée, and is the last person believed to have seen her alive.



Here is Browne's "scorecard" for what is known about this reading:

Sylvia Browne's Statements Reality
1. The killer was a bearded construction worker from Macon, Georgia. WRONG. Vick was a local high school student.
2. The killer was a serial killer who murders for fun and takes Polaroid pictures of his victims. UNKNOWN. No evidence of this, though Vick is a suspect in one other murder.
3. The killer visited South Carolina often. WRONG. Vick lived in South Carolina.
4. It was a motiveless crime. WRONG. According to witnesses, Vick was looking for a date with the victim.
5. The Bronco is involved. RIGHT. But this was already the "suspect vehicle" to police. Was it mentioned to Browne in the lead-in segment to the reading? It seems likely.
6. The Bronco has Georgia license plates. UNKNOWN but doubtful, as it was owned by Vick's parents, who lived in the town (in South Carolina).
7. The killer is probably in his 30s. WRONG. Vick was 17 at the time of the murder, and 19 at the time of the reading on the Montel Williams show.
8. The killer has a thick scar over his eye. WRONG. Photos of Vick show no such scar.
9. The killer has a fuller face than the police sketch. WRONG.
10. The killer is of Italian descent. UNKNOWN.
11. The killer was dark-complected. WRONG. Photos show Vick to be a light-skinned caucasian.
12. The killer has no connection to Satterfield, choosing her on a whim. WRONG. According to witnesses, Vick knew Satterfield.
13. The killer watched Satterfield's salon for three hours before striking. WRONG. According to the witness testimony, Vick dropped Michael Pace off at around 7pm, and the victim was dead before 9pm.
14. The killer had considered attacking a 12-year-old girl he saw nearby and a saleswoman who spoke with Satterfield moments before he attacked. UNKNOWN. But unlikely, given that witnesses stated that Vick had said he was going to the salon to ask the victim for a date.

Browne's accuracy rating for this reading: One right out of fourteen guesses, or 7%.

Even ignoring the UNKNOWN guesses: One right out of ten guesses, or 10%.

Note that the one thing Browne got right was the fact that the blue Ford Bronco, seen at the scene of the crime, was involved. Something it wouldn't take a psychic to figure out, and even a flip of a coin would have a fifty-fifty chance at being right on this one point.

So, at best, Browne got eleven percent right.

She claims an 87% accuracy rating.

In this case, she was 90% inaccurate.


Yet another murder case where Browne's reading was totally useless, and almost entirely wrong. It is not mentioned whether law enforcement tried to follow up on any of Browne's statements, but if they did, it was time wasted.

There are more than a dozen murder and missing persons cases documented on this site, and Browne has yet to be substantially correct in a single one.

As always, if Browne, her staff, or anyone else can send me an example of Browne being substantially correct in a missing person or murder case where her prediction/reading was documented (such as in one of her books, or on the Montel Williams show) prior to the case being solved, please let me know. I will write it up and put it on this web site.

As of this writing, nearly one year since this site opened its doors, I have yet to receive a single example of such a case, nor even an example of something someone thought was such a case.

According to the article about the reading, Browne claims that she "gets her insights from God." I will leave it to the reader to come to a conclusion about that particular remark.

My thanks to QG for researching this case and bringing it to my attention.

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