A look at the claims, predictions and behavior of a media "psychic".


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Email: "My (Sara's) Story"

A woman facing a serious medical challenge considers consulting Sylvia Browne.

"I have to admit that before CANCER, I was a bit of a skeptic. But, like many others in your site, when facing a crisis, logic just goes RIGHT out the window."

- Sara Carpenter, Email author


I have mentioned several times on this web site that I believe that Browne preys on those who are in very vulnerable points in their lives: people seeking answers to very serious questions. People grieving over a loved one who died violently or unexpectedly. People with missing loved ones. People with serious medical conditions.

This article is about a woman in that last category, with whom I have corresponded recently.

The Emails

Here, with the author's permission, is that correspondence.

Sara's Email

Subject: My Story
From: [email address]
Date: Wed, September 12, 2007 11:52 am
To: [email address]

Mr. Lancaster:

I just thought I would send you a quick e-mail to et you know my Sylvia Browne story. While I have never contacted her directly, I have an expirence just the same.

In March of 2007, at the age of 24, I was diagnoed with Stage III breast cancer. Obviously, this was a huge blow, and a unbelieveable shock considering cancer does not run in my family. Naturally, I started looking for answers. First from the doctors, then from friends, and finally I felt like I needed something more. I immediately thought of Sylvia Browne since I have seen her on the Montel show for years. I only went as far as to go on her website and see the price just to talk to her. With my mounting hospital bills, I decided to wait awhile and maybe search for answers later.

Just the other day I turned on the TV and she was on Montel. I was excited because I thought that this show might convince me to contact her about my own fate. ABSOLUTELY on the contrary. First, they decided to show a "prediction" that she made that came true. I guess in a previous show she predicted that in 2006 we would have to watch for major flooding. And low and behold, somewhere in the world, in 2006, there was a flood. I thought to myself, well that's crazy. I could have said that!

Then she talked to people in the audience and one woman asked about her dead brother, I think. Sylvia said he was "fine" and that he "went quick". Well, that was a good guess, unless he had some kind of disease, ususally people go quick. So, the woman agreed and said that he died in a car accident. Then Sylvia said something like "what does he say about a necklace?". And, the woman started crying and she said something about her brother gave her a neclace she was wearing. After that, I was seriously impressed, and that little voice inside of me said 'see Sara, she IS psychic! You just don't believe...'. But, then logic set in and i actually LOOKED at the girl and she was wearing about 5 necklaces. I mean, the girl could have just answered something like "he must have told you that I like necklaces" or something like that.

Anyways, my point is that after that show I found you site. and I just want to say THANK YOU for helping a girl who does NOT need to be spending money she doesn't have on GARBAGE! After reading some of your stories I realized that it doesn't matter what she might have to me. If she told me what I wanted to hear, and that I would be fine, I probably would have ignored doctors advice at times because some old had lady said I would make it. And if she said I wouldn't beat it, then I may have just given up the fight a long time ago and may have not done the treatments that I needed to do. I'm only human, and I understand people's need to know the future. But, I don't believe she is the answer.

Oh, and on a short footnote, I thought your section on "postdictions" was very interesting. I remember watching Sylvia Browne shortly after the September 11 attacks, and she said something about have "nightmares for weeks" but didn't know what they meant. Well, I thought that was just silly the moment I heard it! I decided that until I hear someone predict something like September 11 BEFORE the attacks, I don't think I believe in psychics.

Thanks for all you do!

Sara Carpenter

My Reply

From: [email address]
To: [email address]
Sent: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:35 am
Subject: RE: My Story

Ms. Carpenter:

Thanks so much for writing, and for sharing your story with me.

I'm sorry to hear about the challenge you are facing, but I'm very glad you decided not to use Browne for guidance in it. Her medical "readings" are infuriating to me. I would not be surprised if people have become seriously ill, if not died, from following her "prescriptions."

Here is something which may assure you that you made the right decision: a copy of Browne's predictions for 1999 from her own web site, stored at archive.org (a site which archives copies of other sites):


Take a look at prediction number 24.

Thanks for the kind words about my site, but from your email it sounds as though you had figured Browne out before you even got here! All my site did was confirm what you already knew.

Best of luck with what you are facing. I won't pretend I have any words of wisdom for you, other than listen to your doctor(s) and keep fighting the good fight.

All the best,

Robert S. Lancaster

Sara's Reply

Subect: Re: My Story
From: [email address]
Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2007 6:49 am
To: [email address]

Mr. Lancaster;

Oh how I wish number 24 was true! That would have made my life a WHOLE lot easier!!! I have to admit that before CANCER, I was a bit of a skeptic. But, like many others in your site, when facing a crisis, logic just goes RIGHT out the window. I'm just so happy that I found your site before I did anything crazy...

Thank you again!

Sara Carpenter


I think that Ms. Carpenter's emails did a good enough job in analyzing Browne's readings on the Montel show that I don't need to add anything.

When I asked Ms. Carpenter's permission to put her email on this site, I told her that I would block out her name and email address.

Her response was:

No I don't mind at all if you put my e-mail on you site! And I don't even mind if you put my name on the e-mail. I hope I can help other people!!!

For her to be concerned about helping others while facing what she is facing, shows a strength and spirit which I believe will serve her well in the fight she is waging.


My thanks to Sara Carpenter for sharing her story with us.

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