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Contradiction - Jesus' Age at Death

How old was Jesus of Nazareth when he died? Sylvia Browne gives two very different answers.

Page 11 of the March/April 2007 Sylvia Browne Newsletter. Page 190 of The Mystical Life of Jesus

Page 11 of the March/April 2007 Sylvia Browne Newsletter, and
Page 190 of "The Mystical Life of Jesus".


Since this site opened, I have received many emails from former Sylvia Browne believers pointing out various times Browne has contradicted herself, both in her writings and in her television appearances.

To be fair, Browne has written many books. Or, perhaps more accurately, many books have been published with her name on the cover.

And, she has appeared dozens and dozens of times on the Montel Williams show.

This has given her ample opportunity over the years to contradict herself.

Some of these contradictions are minor (such as stating that her "spirit guide" Francine's real name is "Ilena" on page 50 of the hardcover edition of Sylvia Browne's Book of Dreams, while elsewhere, such as on page 18 of the softcover edition of Adventures of a Psychic, she says it is "Iena"). Many of these can be dismissed as inconsequential, possibly the result of typographical errors.

Other discrepancies are not so easily dismissed.

This is the first in a planned series of articles, each focusing on one or more of these seeming contradictions in the writings, recordings and television appearances of Sylvia Browne.


The March/April edition of the Sylvia Browne Newsletter contained one such contradiction which I'm afraid I missed entirely, but which was brought to my attention by an email correspondent to this site.

Ask Sylvia

Page 11 of the newsletter was devoted to the "Ask Sylvia" column, in which Browne answers a series of brief questions from readers.

Close-up of the 'Ask Sylvia' question/answer.

Close-up of the "Ask Sylvia" question/answer.

In the right-hand side of the page, the following question can be found:

Q. YouÂ’ve said that weÂ’re all 30 years old on the Other Side. Could this have some connection to JesusÂ’ death at approximately the same age?

A quick explanation: According to Browne, all people on the "Other Side" (those who have died and gone on to heaven) are approximately thirty years in age, regardless of what age they were when they died. There are some seeming contradictions involving this particular claim as well, but we will not address those in this article.

Sylvia's answer to the question (emphasis mine):

No, this was in many religious writings before Christ.

Besides, he didnÂ’t die at age 30, he was 33.

I'm not sure what "many religious writings" agree with her on the "everyone is thirty years old in Heaven" claim, but most Christians would agree that Jesus of Nazareth was indeed 33 years old upon his death.

So, what's the problem?

The Problem

The problem is that, according to other of Sylvia Browne's writings, Jesus didn't die until he was around 86 years old. It is a major teaching of Browne and her church of Novus Spiritus that Jesus did not die on the cross, but instead fled to France with his wife Mary Magdalene and their children, where they lived to a ripe old age.

Close-up of 'The Mystical Life of Jesus', p. 190.

Close-up of 'The Mystical Life of Jesus', p. 190.

From page 190 of the hardcover edition of Browne's 2006 book The Mystical life of Jesus:

After spending more than forty years in France, Jesus died at around the age of eighty-six, which was very old for that time.

This is even one of the tenets of Novus Spiritus, the church which Browne founded:

XX - We believe that Our Lord was crucified but did not die on the cross and went on to live out His life in France with his mother and Mary Magdalene, his wife.


This seems to be a blatant contradiction, and on a point fairly prominent in Browne's theology.

Did she forget one of the tenets of her own church?

Is someone else actually ghost-writing the answers to the "Ask Sylvia" column?


It is impossible to know exactly why this particular contradiction was made.

If Browne - or any official of Novus Spiritus - cares to send me an explanation, I would be glad to include it here in this article.

My thanks to the email correspondent who pointed this discrepancy out to me.

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