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Coast To Coast AM: George Noory Speaks About Sylvia Browne

Why has Browne not been on "Coast to Coast AM" since January of 2006?

George Noory, host of radio's 'Coast to Coast AM'

George Noory, host of radio's "Coast to Coast AM"


Back in January of 2006, Sylvia Browne appeared on the national radio show "Coast to Coast AM," hosted by George Noory.

The apparent blunder she made that night, on live radio, has become one of her most well-known incorrect predictions. A transcript of her appearance that night can be read, and listened to, in this article.

Browne has not appeared on Coast to Coast since that evening. I have wondered if that is Browne's decision, or Noory's.

On the October 3, 2007 episode of Coast to Coast, Noory addressed that very issue.

The Call

A little after twelve minutes into the first hour that evening, right after the first commercial break, Noory took the following call:

Click here to listen to the audio. (.mp3 format, 5mb)

Noory: West of the Rockies, you're up with us on Coast to Coast. Hello there!

Caller: Hi, How ya doin?

Noory: I'm doing great, thanks. Were are you calling from?

Caller: This is Hailey [name not clear] and I am calling from Medford, Oregon.

Noory: Oh, yeah. I've been to Medford! Been there! It's a great town! Small, but it's quaint.

Caller: Yes, it is. Some would say a little too much, but you know, hey...[laughs]

Noory: [laughs] What's on your mind?

Caller: [laughs] Yeah...I wanted to ask you about Sylvia Browne.

Noory: Okay.

Caller: Ummmm... It's...I haven't really heard anything about her lately, and I didn't hear of the last time she was on your show, but a friend of mine told me that she had apparently messed up on a prediction about the miners, I believe it was...

Noory: [agreeing] Mmm hmm!

Caller: ...and I was just wondering what had happened.

Noory: I have not invited Sylvia back since that episode and..uh...on that day the miners, we had all thought, all of them, uh might have been saved, um, and there was an early report that erroneously got to a reporter down there that they had been saved and...it was pretty emotional that night. I mean, it was very emotional. I even got teary-eyed talking about the story how they had been saved and when Sylvia was on the program, I asked her a hypothetical question. It was a "what-if" question, and that was, "OK, Sylvia, what would have happened had we talked about the miners and we didn't know they had been saved, what would you have said?" And she said, "Well, I know they would have been found." And ah, and she went on, and it was our feeling that she meant they would have been found alive, as we all thought they were at the moment I asked her the real question.

Caller: Well...

Noory: Well, I went to a commercial break, and lo and behold, they... from the Sago mine down there, they revealed that they weren't...all alive, only one was alive, all the others had died. And it was a horrible, horrible story, and I'm sitting there with this story, you know, going, "How can they get this wrong?" and now I'm also sitting on Sylvia Browne telling me that she would have said "yes, they would have been found." and, again, we all presumed she meant they would have been found alive. And so I quizzed her on it again, she kind of back-tracked, claiming that, "Oh, I didn't say they were going to be found alive, I said they were going to be found." and...I guess I had a bad feeling after that, and I just don't know if I am going to invite her back yet or not. I mean I just...

Caller: Well, and someone else told me, I don't know if this is true or not, maybe you can tell me...that that one boy that was found with that other boy that had been kidnapped for a week, he had been gone for three years...

Noory: Yes, yes, yes...

Caller: ..someone said she said on the Montel show that he would be found dead or something like that, that the parents were [unintelligible]...

Noory: Yes, that is correct, the Shawn Hornbeck case. Shawn Hornbeck it was in Missouri. Not too far from where I am broadcasting in the cave here. She had told the parents he would be found dead and said that on the Montel show...lo and behold he's very much alive and trying to get his life patched back again. So she's had some pretty big blunders and it's just given us just a different kind of taste in our mouth and I don't know what I'm going to do about it. If she comes back, ummm, we may hold her to the fire considerably harder than we've done in the past...

Caller: [laughs] Yeah!

Noory: See, most of the time, just so you understand the program and me, most of the time when guests are on, this program tries to let them expound on their views. I'm not here as a daytime talk show host rattling their cage, jumping in, jumping out, you know, it's not what I consider to be personality radio.

Caller: Right.

Noory: Coast to Coast is a program driven by you and driven by the guests, that the hosts - Art Bell, one of the best - we're just facilitators of what the views are of these particular people. You know, Richard C Hoagland (sp?) talks about the face on Mars. Whether I believe it or not is not the point, it's whether YOU believe it or not, and I'm not gonna sit there and attack Richard Hoagland one way or another for his views. Now, now in the past, we've let psychics go on, um, but after it's obvious that they've made some huge blunders, we HAVE to take them to task. And so IF Sylvia Browne comes back, I'm gonna have to do that and I've gotta tell ya, Ed Dames, who I like as an individual and I have gotten to know him over the last couple years, has said on this program several weeks ago, that if Steven Fossett is not found in that region where he says he is, that it's a career breaker for him. And, you know, I think we can all conclude at this point, sadly, that Steven Fossett has perished in a plane crash. Where he is, is anybody's guess right now, but if they ever find that plane and it's not where Ed Dames has remote viewed it with his group, then we'll have to bring him to task too. So that's where it is, that's what it is in a nutshell with Sylvia Browne. that's where it is generally with most of the other guests as well.

[takes another call]

Noory: First-time caller line, you're on the air with us. Hi there!


Apparently, the decision was Noory's.

As Noory himself says in that call, he is almost never critical of his guests, who generally make some rather unconventional claims, such as the leaders of our world are all shape-shifting lizard beings from another dimension, or another planet is about to crash into Earth and kill us all.

I think that the fact that he seems now to have doubts about Browne's "abilities" is very interesting.


My thanks to SS for alerting me to Noory's comments, and for the help with this article.

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